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Introducing our Debut Collection

Flying Colours Clothing was established in 2008 when Australian Hip Hop group Bliss n Eso and local designer Tom Macdonald came together to develop a merchandise brand which delivered high quality custom clothing, the first of its kind in Australia.

Now in 2015 Flying Colours has launched its debut collection which features premium products, inspired by music.

Introducing our Debut Collection

Welcome to the exclusive pre-sale! The pre-sale ends Monday at 10:30am, so get in quick!

Children of the Night Hoody

$149.95 - BUY NOW

Bomb Like Banksy Jacket

$149.95 - BUY NOW

Woodstock Vest

$124.95 - BUY NOW

Animal Kingdom Jumper

$99.95 - BUY NOW

Animal Kingdom Tee

$54.95 - BUY NOW

Supreme Tee

$54.95 - BUY NOW

Limited to 100 units of each
Free shipping on all orders within Australia

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